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  • Dearborn Protocol Adapter 5 - Dual CAN, BlueTooth RP1210 A/B Compliant, SAE J2534-2 Compliant


    The DPA 5 continues the Dearborn Group, Inc. DPA family tradition of being the fastest, most rugged, most reliable, and most versatile RP1210 Vehicle Datalink Adapters (VDAs).

    The DPA 5 is a One-Tool-Solution, supporting all of your favorite OEM and component diagnostic applications. So why purchase multiple adapters, when the DPA 5 is all you need?

    From inception to deployment, the DPA 5 was built for speed-critical applications such as End-Of-Line (EOL) programming stations and the re-flashing of Electronic Control Units/Modules (ECUs/ECMs). In fact, the DPA 5 was significantly faster than the other leading adapters in an "apples-to-apples" benchmarking comparison. This means significantly reduced reprogramming and diagnostic sessions, leading to a fast return on investment (ROI)...

    The DPA 5 has Dual CAN communication channels. This allows the DPA 5 to communicate with vehicles having two separate CAN data buses, such as the Freightliner Cascadia.

    Not only is the DPA 5 a great product, but our warranty, support, and service are second-to-none.

    • The DPA 5 comes with a two-year limited warranty.
    • Our technical support team has years of industry experience to help you get the most from your investment.
    • Should a tool need to be returned to the factory, the RMA repair process is simple, and turnaround is generally same-day.


    Our customers have been asking for a simple diagnostics application that will work with their DPA "right-out-of-the-box" to display faults, component information and basic vehicle parameters from the J1708/J1587 and CAN/J1939 data buses. DG Technologies has answered the call and is providing these features in an application called "DG Diagnostics".

    DG Diagnostics is a great screening/triage tool and is provided free-of-charge with the purchase of any DPA product. DG Diagnostics works with all DPA adapters past and present, and may reduce your need to purchase full-featured OEM software.

    Take your DPA straight from the box and start generating ROI with some of these features:

    • Read and display J1587 and J1939 faults in "text" form. Request clear of inactive J1587 and J1939 faults.
    • Display "total-vehicle" and "trip data" such as odometer, engine hours, and fuel economy from the J1587 and J1939 data buses.
    • Create a viewable/printable/saveable vehicle report in HTML format showing all information that has been captured.
    • Display common "dashboard" parameters such as RPM, temperatures and pressures from the J1587 and J1939 data buses.
    • Request reset of J1939 trip information (trip odometer, trip miles, trip fuel, etc).
    • Display J1587 and J1939 ECM component information such as VIN, Make, Model, Serial, and Unit Numbers.
    • Record data bus data for engineering analysis as well as play that data back internally through the program or externally to the data bus.
    • Configure and launch OEM applications directly without having to navigate through the Windows Start Menu.

    From light-duty through heavy-duty, the DPA 5 supports your entire fleet! The DPA 5 provides more protocol, standards, and operating system support than any other commercially available diagnostic adapter. Support and standards include:

    DPA 5 RP1210 OEM Diagnostic Software Compatibility

    The DPA 5 is RP1210A compliant and should work with any RP1210A compliant application. It has been thoroughly

    validated against the following OEM and component applications:

    DPA 5 J2534 OEM Diagnostic Software Compatibility

    The adapter you have purchased is provided with an SAE J2534-compliant interface (an SAE standard for

    electronic module reprogramming). The DPA 5 should be able to reprogram all CAN/ISO15765 vehicles,

    GM vehicles using the J1850 Variable Pulse Width (VPW) protocol, or other vehicles using the DPA 5

    J2534-supported protocols (i.e. ISO9141/KWP2000).


    The DPA 5 has been validated against the following OEM and component applications:

    • General Motors TIS2Web
    • Ford Module Programming (FMP)
    • Chrysler J2534 Application
    • Toyota TIS (Technical Information System)
    • Honda Service Express
    • Mazda Module Programming (MMP)
    • Kia J2534 KMA
    • Hyundai 2534 HMA
    • Volkswagen Erwin
    • Audi Erwin
    • Nissan J2534 ECU Reprogramming Software (NERS)


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    DPA 5
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